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Fees and Payment

I currently offer the following types of appointment: 

- Face to face at my office in Poole

- Online via Zoom video call

- Telephone

- Walk & Talk

My Walk & Talk service is available, and offers the chance to talk whilst having a walk outside.  Please feel free to ask for more details if this is of interest to you.


- Reduced introductory session (50 minutes) -                £35

- Face to face (50 minutes) -                                                £45

- Zoom session (50 minutes) -                                             £45

- Telephone (50 minutes) -                                                   £45

- Walk & Talk (50 minutes) -                                                 £50

- Reduced rates for trainee counsellors (studying a recognised BACP qualification)

How you can pay

I am currently only taking payment via bank transfer.

Payment for sessions is payable 1 week in advance in order to secure appointment.

Cancellation fees are applicable if reasonable notice (as defined in the Therapeutic Contract) is not given.  The Therapeutic Contract will be agreed in the first session.

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